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Our Company


For over 17 years we have been deliver- ing the highest quality seed and agron- omy products to farmers. Building upon our family farming operation, our drive is to help you take your operation to the next level.


Originally Adrian Seed Company, Matthew Adrian founded the company at the age of 15. Advancing with the times, we rebranded to AgPoint Solutions in 2021, expanding our ability to serve growers across the nation and provide more biological and nutrient solutions.


Equipped with the latest in seed treatment technology, we offer bulk soybean and on-demand seed treatment from our distribution center located in Bingham Lake, MN. Our research site is located west of Mountain Lake, MN with over 20 acres of research and test plots.


All the products we offer are put through extensive third-party trials and have shown positive results to ensure we are adding value to your operation.


At AgPoint Solutions, we foster authentic relationships with our customers to provide the highest quality and service, grounded in integrity, because our grow- ers deserve the best.

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