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MA-1200 Stationary Moisture Analyzer 

MA-1200 Stationary Moisture Analyzer

- Analyze moisture, test weight, and temperature in grains, oilseeds, pulses, beans, & seeds

- Fully automated analysis. Simply pour the sample in the hopper and collect sample from pull out drawer, the machine will do the rest of the work  

- Higher frequency testing ensures accurate results

- Superior accuracy of ± 0.2 %

- Calibrated with UGMA standards

- Built in thermal printer and high resolution 7” color touch screen

- Calibrated with both Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) charts and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) charts

- 42crop calibrations available in Canada and 68 crop calibrations available in the USA

- Measure hot grain, cold grain and frozen grain ( -10°C/14°F to 60°C/160°F)

- Automatically saves all testing results with built in memory

- Built in USB drive allows for storage of results on a USB stick

- Expansion ports: USB, ethernet port, RS232 port, and external printer port  

- Manufactured in Canada

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