Tune in to your soil biology today


We sample your soil and analyze its DNA to identify the bacteria, fungi, insects, and nematodes living in your fields. These organisms tell a story about the soil environment which you can use to refine your management decisions, boost yields, and save on input costs. Simply select your fields for analysis, place an order and Pattern Ag will handle the details to get your fields sampled and get you the information you need to make key decisions.  


Pattern Ag's Decision Dashboard analyzes your soil's unique ecosystem to help you maximize yield potential and reduce spend on inputs you don't need. 

  • Predict Pest & Disease Pressure 

  • Enhance Biofertility & Soil Attribute 

  • Promote Beneficial Microbe 

Pattern Ag offers services throughout the Midwest, with a particular focus on Corn and Soybeans. 


Your Soil is Talking, It's Time to Listen

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